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Steganography is the practice of concealing a file, message, image, or video within another file, message, image, or video. The word steganography combines the Greek words steganos (στεγανός), meaning “covered, concealed, or protected”, and graphein (γράφειν) meaning “writing”.

Outguess 1.1.1

  New version of Outguess A new version of Outguess was released today ! Version 1.1.1 – Outguess requires OS X 10.8 or later. – Addition of help. – Correction of code. – Correction of help. – Correction of interface.


  Steganography. Outguess is an advanced steganography tool. Outguess will conceal your document inside image (JPG) of your choice. 4 Easy steps : Select your image. Select a document to hide. Choose a password to protect the inner document. Click “Hide”. Your document is now concealed in your image. Features of Outguess : Outguess is […]